"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Obama Care Update

Dear Friends,

We are in the middle of the summary judgment phase of the health care case in the district court in Richmond, and I wanted to give you an update of where we stand at the moment and what's coming next.

On August 2nd the judge in our case rejected all four of the feds' arguments for why Virginia's case should be dismissed, and that as part of his ruling, the judge noted how extraordinarily far the federal government is reaching (in a constitutional sense) in the federal health care law.
On September 3rd, both Virginia and the federal government filed their motions for summary judgment. As the name implies, these motions are requests by each side to the court to rule "summarily," i.e., without a trial, in their favor. On September 23 both sides filed their opposition to the other parties' motion for summary judgment.


According to a new Wall Street Journal poll, 54% of voters want to repeal Obamacare.

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste