"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Notice Points for the Week

1. Lou Dobbs has finally joined a winning team (he left CNN, wherever he works will be better).

2. FOX NFL Sunday had their show from Afghanistan, kudos and bravo for taking the steps to get out and MOTIVATE and PROMOTE our soldiers....THANK YOU & DO MORE of this!

3. The book titled, "The Next 100 Years," by George Friedman is a serious read concerning his views on the future geo-political scene (politicians should take notice).

4. The characters (yes characters, like "Goofy, Shrek, Dopey") that represent us in our national government seem so at odds with common sense. How does this fly? Continually points are raised that no sane, educated person would actually vote for BUT they are voted for and Pass...hugh????

Saturday, 7 November 2009

America...Waking Up, From the Heritage Foundation

Conservative Comeback
Tuesday was a big day for conservatives. The landslide victories of gubernatorial candidates Bob McDonnell in Virginia and Chris Christie in New Jersey, plus the Maine referendum upholding marriage as a union between a man and a woman, clearly illustrates that "the state of conservatism is strong," writes Heritage's Conn Carroll in Wednesday's Morning Bell.
But why would states that voted last year for President Barack Obama now vote against candidates the President himself campaigned for? Heritage Vice President Michael Franc explains that "it's all about taxes, debt, and too much government." In short, it's about the government's complete abandonment of conservative principles.
The results in Virginia, New Jersey and Maine confirm what has become increasingly evident over the past 10 months: conservative principles are very much alive and popular among most Americans.

FT.Hood Tragedy

Recent tragedy that unfolded at Ft.Hood is a very sad event. The community of heroes that serves to protect came under fire from within. A shocking, surreal event. Not down trodden though we hold our heads in our hands, pray for guidance and will pick ourselves up and carry on. God bless these men and women and their families.

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste