"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

Thursday, 24 June 2010

C'mon Folks Say It Ain't So

What is going on? Reject this crap ....unacceptable....

1st - Gay, gay, gay and more gay, what the h%ll? Somehow the weird has become cool. Gay politicians, gay movies, gay TV, gay books and ....homosexuality is not natural.....weirdos.

2nd- Illegal is now the new "legal." Well of course except for you and me. Believe me buddy if we didn't pay our taxes we'd be hauled into the dungeon......but, wait.....if you sneak into the country, avoiding the system established to allow you to come, use public services for free, use the emergency room for hiccups and etc., well, well......You're a hero, bless you.


Please folks, reject this crap, this is NOT America! We are not gay, do not want illegal aliens in our country and we believe people such as John Wayne & Ronald Reagan are real HEROS!

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste