"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

Saturday, 27 February 2010


A recent submission to USA Today that caught my eye....especially the text in "red"

Government must act in order to save U.S. jobs
Gary Sanders - Iowa City
USA TODAY's article "Tale of two cities: Recession sometimes takes uneven toll" should have been headlined "Tale of two Americas: Recession shines spotlight on growing gap between haves and have-nots" (Cover story, News, Feb. 18).
Before the real estate bubble burst, the gap between the rich and poor had grown to its highest level since 1929. Also, we have huge numbers of unemployed who are not counted in the "official" Labor Department statistic; for example the number doesn't include those who have stopped looking for work.

We're spending trillions of dollars on unwinnable wars. We have a health care system that costs a fortune but leaves 46 million people without insurance, a collapsing infrastructure, underfunded schools, and many jobs outsourced to low-wage countries.
Unless a government-funded program is created to provide a living-wage job to every American who can't find work, the economy will continue to slide. It will become like those of the Third World, where there are rich and poor and a very small middle class. This recession is only highlighting a problem that has been growing for years.

JEV.....Hugh.......say that again.....gov't funded? I suppose that means tax payer funded "funds," for every American cradle to grave so they don't have to study, or work hard or struggle to make ends meet, entitlement I suppose......well Mr. Sanders please let me introduce you to others who you may have more in common with....

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste