"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

"A Nation with a Government, not a Government with a Nation"

Thursday, 10 September 2009

I agree..Just turn around and use the same expressions

The current president in his address to the joint house of Congress closed his speech in the following manner;

"I still believe we can act even when it's hard. I still believe we can replace
acrimony with civility, and gridlock with progress. I still believe we can do
great things, and that here and now we will meet history's test.
"Because that is who we areCheck Spelling. That is our calling. That is our character. Thank you, God
bless you, and may God bless the United States of America."

I also believe in these same great things it's just that we should use these words in the correct manner for the proper subject of addressing the real issues of our time. Do you really believe the health care initiative is from the goodness of their hearts? Would it, could it, possibly have something to do with $, changing hands of power from the individual to the state? Please wake up, has anyone from the gov't ever given anything to you for free?

Great words, lyric, poetic even but just a waste when used to address a topic sending us in the wrong direction.

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Against Government Waste